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we've all had one of those days by elenataco
we've all had one of those days
wip of my character betty

sorry i havent posted in like a year im mostly on tumblr now and im still very much working on Skylar all of it still in pre-stages(its pretty big...maybe ill show you guys some more stuff for it ;). anyway im mostly on tumblr now, like i said so, if you want to follow me there you go feel free to ask me questions because its awesome when i get asked questions. sorry for not posting, ill try to be back on here more! thanks for the 30 of you that have stuck with me for 3-4 years and most of those years being dormant ones. i love you and have a good day!
Hey guys. Sorry I have been dead on here for months technically almost a year haha. about that, I have been lazy and a whole lot has been going on in my life at the moment. I will try to post all my drawings on here soon :D So I have decided to do a comic collab with my friend. I know what your thinking(if any of you actually read these) "ELENA ALL YOUR OTHER COMIC STUFF FAILED!" Well for starters, no need to be so harsh on me guys haha. yes I do know that my other comics failed in the past. That's just because I had no idea what I was doing and honestly I just did those to get some popularity on here. I know that was stupid and I should have been doing this because it was fun instead of for the popularity. I just got a bit jealous of others on here. My artwork is just as good as there's its just that no one sees mine, and I let that get to me  Which is something I shouldn't have done and I apologize for my big headiness based stupidity. If I'm not meant to have a million gazillion watchers, then I'm not. I cant change that.


But anyways, my collab comic is based off of a world I created a lllllllllllllllloooonnnngggggggggggggggg time ago. That's right, I'm talking about Skylar. The original characters Leila and Shane will not be in it. Nor will the whole city be in it that I had created. In fact this story i way different, it just takes place in the same world. This story has been thought out and planned. That's why I think it will succeed. I actually took time to plan, its still being planned. My friend  and I have been planning this for about a month now and still aren't even close to being done. We have done research made up our own ideas and know how everything is going to go(unlike how i just spontaneously did everything in my old comics).Anyways to the story line!!!

Uhh, I just realized our story doesn't even have a name. Wow. FAIL!!! Anyways as I said before this story takes place in Skylar. The main characters are Arin(main center character)Jessie, Marco Nichols(he so far is the only one who has a last name), Clarence, Joesph. (there are waaayyyyy more but I forgot all their names haha :1)
         These characters are all part of a species/race(those are synonyms right?) that are human and animals(essentially kinda like were wolves but not just wolves but other animals too). In Skylar there are different kingdoms with different rulers. This world is kinda like medieval time/Renaissance and hunger games combined. They don't have technology like ours but they do wear clothes and things of that nature like ours. At a very young age they are sent off to a school kinda like Hogwarts where they are taught to morph into their human and animal forms and taught how to live in society or the wilderness. When your parents deem you ready you are sent off to school to complete you "training". After your don learning for how many years your teachers say you need you are given an exit test. Its extremely hard and you will be monitored on how you survive. its kinda like the hunger games you are thrown into an area with everyone else in your level of training. 30 or so go in, only around 10 come out. Once you pass this test your on your way to create your life,.They can choose any lesson they want to learn. Each person is put into a class which has their "house animal" in it. Each class is taught a certain skill but there are different  areas of that skill that the animal/people are taught. This school also offers sports, and the option to go home in the fall and come back for winter, spring, and summer or you can live there all year round if you want. This school has schools stationed in many different areas around this mythical world/planet. Each school has areas allowed for different animals but you aren't allowed to move or change school because of the animal you are. (ex. if you are a shark and go to a Savannah school you cant move out of your region. your school will have a lake area but you will have top learn to cope) The reason your not allowed to move away is because you aren't suppose(but you can) move out of your region/kingdom. Each kingdom/ region is way different than the other almost like race is today. 

In Skylar there are many different species There are humans and dogs and stuff like what we have here on earth, but there are also waaayyy more animals and creatures on Skylar. Skylsr has almost to the point of infinity species. With a world like that it obviously gets way overpopulated because of all the species there. They allow hunting all year round except for a few weeks in fall, because of how over populated this world gets. Creatures like Arin have the room in their bodies(females) for more than two offspring(like us people). Since they are a different creature and are animals they can hold up to 6 lower/higher than that for babies per litter. So ya this world gets over populated waaaaayyy tooo much. The way to tell if the animal(in animal form) is the hair. Hair stays from top of head down to the shoulders.


Arin's species are creatures that have a human, were(like werewolf), and animal form. In her species these are the animals you can turn into:

Sea class(ties in with Arial class and portions of magic class)(animals that do good in water): Technique: water clearance, testing it safe to drink, swim in, and fighting that kind of stuff):(any of the breeds for these animals morph ex. shark: tiger shark counts or hammer head and many more) Sea lions, Otters, Sharks, Swordfish, Salmon, certain dragons.
Arial class(ties in with portions of sea class and magic class): Technique: wind and sky stuff. Testing for storms, wind measure wind power and wind fighting: Flamingos, Condor sized Falcons, Cranes, and King Fishers
Forest class(ties in with some of magic class and Arial class): Technique: warfare/forest survival portions: foxes, bears, wolves, pumas, and raccoons.
Savannah class(ties in with no one. is a loner): Technique: survival/savanna warfare: lions, extremely rare saber tooth tigers, even more extreme uber ultra mega rare tigers, cheetahs, snakes,zebras, and rhinos.
Magic class(ties in with arial, forest,and sea class): Technique: Magic capabilities/mythical capabilities: dragons, merpeople, and unicorns.

 Each morpher is different, but dragons are especially different. Being a dragon is a curse. You only live to be 25 years old then you die. Once you turn 17/ you are cursed to always be in your dragon form. Sop in the school dragons are kinda given free passes for certain things.

In Skylar you are allowed to be in a relationship with someone other than your species(its frowned apon) but you can't have children with them, not even adoption. If you choose to be with a lion and you are a bird great. But no kids! You are also allowed to be gay but with the same principals as being with someone other than your species. 


this is my story which took years in making. if you steal it I WILL MURDER YOU IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE SOP ITS SLOW AND PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!! DONT STEAL IT!!!!!1
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Detention Deficit Disorder!!!! I got that Detention Deficit Disorrdddeeerr!!! Sorry I have Randy Cunningham stuck in my head. What was I suppose to do here again?

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